Tend to vent my frustration out by penning thoughts with a coercion similar
to scratching my head when i am not able to reason out an issue.But there are few issues that hold me back while doing so …..and issues stem from the phenomena   I…ie.. the IMAGE that i have created for myself… my being and….. my survival……the fact that these cluttered   ie irrational  ie random & cliched thoughts (where  random is so  cliched .. I guess definite does not exist anymore in our dictionaries)….are given a shape and sound in order to be perceived in a way every  person in our group  gets IT…
that’s where i feel the essence in I is lost ….the act of EUPHEMIZING a thought ..a disturbance one feeels in “his or her” head leaves that “he or she” in the lurch and search for its  answer….how sad when  i want to pour my heart out about a happening and in the process try to create a common ground between the image I (that can take no damage) and the array of thoughts….its this constant ebb and flow ..(ebbed  for the refinement ie euphemise…)….flow(after thoughts are euphemised)of thoughts….that makes me go mute just for a fraction a second & regain thought of  “version I.o”……. because  I need to survive the I……!!!!!…..


~ by menonmentions on March 12, 2008.

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