trying to grapple with the imbalance that was set in my mind due to what ever i have stated in my earlier blog(1st blog) ,i felt Introspection was the answer to all my demons .But tht was not so and  i banked upon a few of the famous adages for the  solution  where  i thought this adage in particluar would come in handy  “an idle mind is a devils work shop”…..but the solution to all this misery was a “maybe”…..nothing definite..everything compelling!!Then it was this incident that shooke me up .Just another evening when we were idling away poking fun at each other  it was then  when i was turned under the spotlight and became  the butt of  ridicule for quite  some time, which made me uneasy as it stirred me up with in.Thanks to my  image which masked n soaked up all these simmerings with consummate ease as i phased that evening out with great diffculty(for my image had created its own armoury in defence).Got back home…latched the door…and mom was caught up in her school work …and the juncture was perfect for me to lie and reflect …….was tryin to comprehend the unrest that dawned upon me ….but no solution yet ….a few days of quest with unrest led me down the memory lane and  a flurry of images picturing the same old group during our schooling  made me chuckle and “buckle free” those entwined  emotions…..everything was coming back to me…v were innocent ….less thought out ….less lessened…clear and sure with no distortions……a particular image which was prominent in the collage of images that i could FEEL was the one where i was picked upon constantly by my pals …can imagine those GUFFAWS brought up by my skoool mates  …did i quiver then…did tht make me wince ….nope!!! ……….hurrah is this the solution…..the  shedding of IMAGE I ….yupp ….i felt it was ….the source of all chaos in my mind…!!!
i without i is  i with an  eye!!!!!


~ by menonmentions on March 12, 2008.

One Response to “UNREST TO QUEST(PART 2)”

  1. great post ra…. keep it going!!!

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